tinyNotes – fast and intuitive note-taking on your Android device

tinyNotes - tablet view
tinyNotes – tablet view

tinyNotes is an Android App that can help you organize your notes easily. It has been designed to be especially one – intuitive! It has been designed to work without unnecessary buttons and fields. Because why should you have to click on a “Save”-button, to have my changes saved? Can’t the App just manage that by itself?

Another important question is: Do you really need a big complex all-in-one device that does much more than it is supposed to and so easily becomes complicated, cluttered an unintuitive?

So tinyNotes has been developed to fit your basic needs – take notes and write your grocery list! It has been designed for a modern look on your devices especially on tablets! So tinyNotes is designed to make use of the space that’s available and offers a two-pane view for tablets, which makes managing your notes even faster!

tinyNotes on your smartphone
tinyNotes on your smartphone

And one last thing was essential in the development of the App – Synchronization support via Dropbox! When you have multiple Android devices you probably want the same notes on all devices! Therefore tinyNotes includes a synchronization support that uploads all notes to a specific folder in your Dropbox. This is even beneficial if you only have a single Android device, since all your notes will be backuped to your Dropbox! So even if you loose your phone or decide to buy a new one, all you have to do is connect the App with Dropbox and you will get back all your notes. Never loose a note anymore!

Does that sound interesting to you? Then feel free and get the App from the Play Store!

tinyNotes can be downloaded for free on the Play Store:

Android app on Google Play

If you are interested in the project, have any suggestions, questions or problems, please feel free to contact me! I hope you enjoy the App!

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