nono3D – interactive 3D-nonogram editor

nono3D is a project for one of my university courses. It was developed in 2010 together with Judith Junge and Lisa Wertig, both students of computational visualistics. I would like to thank Prof. Dr.-Ing habil. Holger Theisel for supporting us with this project!

Nono3D is an interactive editor for 3D-nonograms, an extended version of the traditional nonogram, which we lifted to 3D space. The user’s goal is to create a primitive object consisting of several little cubes. Each plane of a 3D-nonogram can be solved like a traditional nonogram. Instead of simply “stacking” 2D-nonograms we added a redundant information from the third dimension which enables the user to switch to each plane from each dimension, if one plane cannot be solved as a traditional nonogram.

the project also includes a solving algorithm, which goal is to check whether a 3D-nonogram is uniquely solvable, which it should be if one wants to share a nonogram with others. The algorithm isn’t complete though and doesn’t find all possible solutions yet. Therefore it might be possible to get a false negative result, thus say a 3D-nonogram isn’t uniquely solvable though it is. On the other hand it doesn’t give false positives. If a nonogram is definitely uniquely solvable if the algorithm says so.

Download the project:

If you are interested in this project and would like more information on our work, please write me a mail or leave a comment!

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