Data privacy policy

Version: March, 26th, 2014

Dear user of software, services or products created or provided by tinytall studios!

By this we assure that none of the data provided to us by you directly or through a third party will be used abusively or be sold in any way by us!

We will not give any of your data to other persons or organizations and always try to restrict the access to the data and therefore keep the informations you have provided to us private.

Some of the projects and products developed and maintained by tinytall studios contain access to third-party services, such as social networks, game services or user statistics services. tinytall studios is not responsible and has no influence on the contents delivered and shown by these services or websites nor responsible for the usage and security of user data collected and stored within these services.

To be able to further improve our products, tinytall uses Google Analytics software within software projects (currently in Bunny Drop as well as tinyNotes). These services will collect non-personal usage data of software products necessary for tracking the usage and possible errors and problems within the software. Please be aware that this feedback tracking is activated by default. If you wish to refuse collecting data and tracking the information, you can at any time opt-out of the services by disabling the feedback services from within the Settings menus in our products.

For further informations regarding data about you on this website, please read the disclaimer in our contact section!

Thank you for your trust in tinytall studios and our products! If you have any questions regarding your data privacy, please feel free to contact us!