For several years now I have owned smartphones and tablets running the Android mobile operating system. Just like almost everybody who uses Android for a while, I realized that this operating system has a lot of potential and is definitely will change the way mobile phones will work in the next years. Nonetheless, it has become the biggest mobile operating system, reaching out to a lot of customers with over one billion activated devices already!

Using Android is intuitive and simple, yet are the user interfaces and functionalities complex enough to do a lot of things on it and make an Android smartphone the perfect assistant for daily life tasks.

Also, writing own Android apps is quite easy as there are many really good developer tools to write, build and test applications. Therefore Android is quite a promising field for a developer like me who is interested in user-interfaces and on how to improve user-device-interaction.

Android smartphones usually have an integrated camera, an accelerometer, GPS sensors and by now incredibly fast CPU’s and GPU’s, which makes the system even more interesting for developers working on the field of Augmented Reality and Game Development.

Since I am myself interested in those field I would like to share with you my experiences and projects in using and developing for the Android platform.

Please check the projects section to have a look at my Android projects! Currently, my note-taking app tinyNotes as well as my cute game Bunny Drop are featured in the Google Play Store and can be downloaded there. More are to follow soon!

On this page I also plan to publish guides that might help you develop your own Android apps, i.e. how to write an Augmented Reality app and how to integrate usage of the OpenCV library in Android. Please stay tuned for that!