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Florian Bäthge
The Author

I am Florian Bäthge and I am a Master student of “Computational Visualistics” at the Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg, Germany.

Developing and coding…

I have specialized on image processing, computer vision and user-interface design. I am very interested in computer graphics and programming for mobile devices, especially for Android. I prefer programming in Java or C/C++as well as working with the Qt framework, OpenGL, the OpenCV libary, the libgdx game development library  and many other tools. I also have experiences in PHP, HTML, SQL and Java programming.

Over the years, I have built several different projects by myself or in a team, of which some are featured in this blog. Some of my Android projects can be found in the Google Play Store. I also designed and currently manage several different websites besides this one, e.g. the websites of my friend Matthias Schlitte, as well as the Armwrestling portals and

My Career…

After finishing school and my time in civil service I completed an internship at the LivingSolids GmbH, a company with focus on virtual reality and production visualization software located in Magdeburg. Simultaneously to starting my study program at the Otto-von-Guericke university, I started as a student trainee developer at that company for several semesters.

In 2011 to 2012 I went as an intern to the German Aerospace Center in Braunschweig, where I worked on a project for visual navigation of an autonomously flying helicopter. I also wrote my Bachelor thesis there and gained the degree of a Bachelor of Science.

Since 2012, I am now a Master Student of Computational Visualistics in Magdeburg again, working as a student assistant at the Visual Computing group at the faculty of computer sciences.

Interests and Hobbies…

In my freetime I enjoy climbing and Geocaching. I consider myself a passionate sports climber, always trying to reach my physical limits, improving myself and through that experiencing incredible moments of perfection.

Another big hobby of mine is the photography. I own several digital and analog cameras, which I like to take with me from time to time. When photographing, I am trying to experiment a lot to get shots that are different than usual.

This blog…

On this blog I want to share my latest projects, my work and other interesting stuff about my work and study. If you are interested keep checking by or subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me on twitter.

Support me…

I do most of my work and projects in my free time. If you like any of my work and would like to support me, please consider  a little donation or have a look at my wishlist on! I am very thankful for anybody that wants to support my work! Thank you!