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Hi everybody!

Since the launch of tinyNotes version 1.1.0 in the beginning of February a lot has done in the development of the app! Not only, many more users have downloaded the app and are using it actively, also I’ve been busy working on the app.

tinyNotes has been re-created completely to make note-taking even faster and easier. First of all, the look of the app has been changed for older Android versions. Thanks to the ActionBarSherlock project the modern Holo look using the ActionBar has been adapted for all supported Android versions. A lot of users are still using Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so it’s important to optimize the app for these users, too.

Secondly, we have switched to a new version of storing notes internally. Users who have been using Dropbox sync already could see these files. Now all note data is stored in a single file, which allows any additional metadata and now removes restrictions on setting the title of the note. It’s now possible to include special characters to note titles. Besides of this, notes can now have a “pinned” state. If you want your most important notes always at hand, you can now simply pin it to the top of your notes list.

Also, the whole synchronization mechanism has been updated to the new Dropbox Sync API. This makes synchronization a lot easier and more robust. The sync API now handles file versions by itself, which helps to prevent file writing conflicts. As an additional feature, we have added the possibility to have the App run the synchronization in the background at specific times set by the user. You can now have your notes sync every hour, to always have them up to date once you open your app. Also for users that don’t user Dropbox synchronization, it’s now possible to keep notes open in the background. This results in faster access times when you open the app.

Please check out the new version and try it! If you like it, please share it with your friends! This is important to spread tinyNotes everywhere. If you like the services that tinyNotes offers, please consider becoming a premium member and removing the advertisements in the app!

tinyNotes 2.0.4 is available for Android on Google Play:

Android app on Google Play


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