Through the roof! :-)

Hello everbody!

It’s been only about three weeks ago that I had the pleasure to announce that the tinyNotes App has breached the barrier of 500 downloads in the Play Store…

… and now it’s time for the next great announcement! And to make it short: 1000 downloads! That is amazing! Thank you everybody for using tinyNotes!

This is really great! When counting from January 1st, we have almost tripled the downloads of the App and now even have more than 3 times as many active users as of the end of 2012! This is a great development!

And it all continues. As with most software, there are always improvements that can be made, features requests or some reported issues. Therefore, the development continues, planing to deliver an update within the next weeks, that will make tinyNotes even faster and more stable than now, especially on older and slower phones!

tinyNotes 1.1.0 is available for Android on Google Play:

Android app on Google Play


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