A late Christmas present for you!

Hello everybody!

The year 2013 has come and even though Christmas has already been a few weeks ago, I have a present for everybody! Starting today, the new version 1.1.0 of tinyNotes is available on Google Play!

The new version of the Android app brings a Premium Status, which lets you remove all advertisements in the app. With a simple, one-time payment the ads will be removed on all your devices using the same account. Additionally, this supports the development of tinyNotes… ;)

Also, a new feature has been introduced to tinyNotes: You can now choose to have the note title set automatically when you create a new note! Just enable the option in the Settings and new notes will automatically get a title and you won’t see the dialog to enter a new title. Of course, you can still rename a note by long-clicking on it. (Thanks to René Maiwald for the feature request!)

But this is not everything! I am also proud to announce that today, we have broken another barrier: tinyNotes has been downloaded over 500 times and is being used by many users! Especially on devices running Android 4.0 or newer, the usage is far above the average in that category! This shows, how well tinyNotes is being accepted and fits the needs for users of tablets and newer Android devices. Thank you all for using tinyNotes!

tinyNotes 1.1.0 is available for Android on Google Play:

Android app on Google Play


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