100+ downloads!

Hello everybody!

On November the 9th, tinyNotes will be on the Android Play store for one month! This makes me very happy and proud, especially with respect to how it has developed over the last month!

In less than one month, the app has gathered over 100 downloads and a lot of active users! And it keeps growing!

Over the last month, tinyNotes has grown and got better, faster and more robust! The Dropbox synchronization has been improved, notes can be shared and exported, renamed, deleted and much more. Also, the app works much faster and more stable than before!

And the development is not stopping! Many more features are planned and will be released in the future! So stay tuned and download the app from the PlayStore! Also I would be very happy if you could recommend the App to your friends, share it on Facebook and Google to help the app grow!
Thank you!

Android app on Google Play


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