An update to tinyNotes!

Hi everybody!

It’s just been a few days that I had the honor to proudly announce tinyNotes on this website, which convinced a few people to download and test the software.

Since that, some things have happened… ;) Even though it’s never fortunate to find that a piece of software has some bugs, I was very thankful that some of the people wrote me their experiences when testing the app and found a few problems that didn’t come up during earlier tests. Especially on slower devices it showed that the app needed some fine-tuning.

So I sat down and took a look at the code and the diagrams to analyze the problems. Starting from this, I decided to do a makeover on the loading-, saving and sync-mechanisms, which now releases the UI-Thread of the application from the more time-consuming tasks. This resulted in a much more stable and smoother running of the software even on older or slower devices, which need some more time with some operations. Additionally to this, some other bugs were fixed that caused an occasional crash.

But I didn’t just get bug reports, some users also gave very constructive critics on how the app could be more intuitive. So a few new features and improved views are now waiting for you.

So from today, the app version 1.0.3 is available in the Android Play Store! I would be very happy if you would download and try the app! Thank you!

Android app on Google Play

If you still find some bugs or have suggestions, please contact me!


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