slight changes to ObjectTracker

Hi everybody!

As there has been a new release of the OpenCV image processing library in July 2011 (the current version is 2.3), I finally managed to create a new version of ObjectTracker.

Though the new version of ObjectTracker doesn’t provide new features it provides support for a much bigger variety of USB cameras that work with the software. This has already been a problem for me when creating the initial version since I was not able to get video data from a USB connected external webcam. Instead, when trying to use a webcam that supports a high definition resolution (as of 720p or bigger), the user would only receive a black image. This results from the MJPEG compression which is used to tranfer data from the camera to the PC via USB.

The 2.3 version of OpenCV now enables getting video data that is compressed with MJPEG. Therefore I compiled a new binary that uses the recent version of OpenCV. I hope this might help some of you to use their external webcams for the software!

So please enjoy and let me know if you have any problems!


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