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Tinytall nono3D

I have just added a new download to the projects section – nono3D! Nono3D is a software project by Judith Junge, Lisa Wertig, and myself and was created in 2010 as a software project an IT-project-management course.

Basically, nono3D is an interactive editor for so-called 3D-nonograms, an extension of the traditional 2D-Nonogram to three-dimensional space. Instead of creating a simple 2D-image the user’s goal is to create a simple 3D-primitive that consists of little cubes. But instead of simply stacking several 2D-nonograms onto each other we provided additional information from the third dimension. So now it’s possible to switch between each “slice” from each dimension and take each of those “slices” as a traditional nonogram.

With nono3D, the user is now capable of creating and testing 3D nonograms. It is possible to create new nonograms or load from existing sources. Nonograms can either be saved as an editor- or as a gamefile, for which we created an XML-based datastructure. Therefore existing nonograms can easily be shared with other players so that they can solve nonograms but not edit the source.

We also created a line-based solving algorithm which tries to reconstuct a 3D-nonogram by the given number values. It therefore is possible to test wheter a nonogram is uniquely solvable. Unfortunately, our algoirthm isn’t complete yet and sometimes gives false negatives – nonograms, which are said to not be uniquely solvable though they are.


If you would like to test nono3D, simply download it from the nono3D project page. Please give me feedback if you like the software! If you need further information feel free to write me a mail! Thank you!




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